1. Kadi- Bhat (कड़ी -भात)

I thought of this blog last night and I did not have much stuff at home so I checked the freezer and found some besan (chickpeas flour) so I rang my dad and asked him the recipe for Kadi-Chawal.

This is how, he exactly told me –

“Take 1 big spoon full of besan”
“By the way how many people are you cooking for?”
“Just me Papa”
“Okay! now put some oil and 1 big spoon full of besan and roast it…roast it…roast it… till it gets reddish brown”
“cool!!!  then?’
“Is it brown!! okay, now put all masala”
” what all masala???”
” aree!!! everything … turmaric powder, coriander powder, jeera powder, salt….”
“okay… I do not have jeera powder…”
“No problem… now again, roast it…roast it…roast it… ”
“Now, you have curd??? make butter milk out of it and then slowly put it in to the besan”
“Okay… now that will take some time…you tell me whats next?”
“When the Kadi is boiling, throw some freshly grated cucumber, around 3 spoon full.
“Wow… I love cucumber 🙂 ”
“Now prepare a chhaunka for it, take some oil in a small pan, let it heat and then throw some methi, zeera and curry patta in it with a pinch of hing”.

“And Kadi is ready”
“thanku Papa”.

I made some daliya – rice with it and it tasted heavely.