3.Mutton-Palak Shorba

mutton-palak shorba

After having my lunch of Mutton- Palak Shorba, I better write this one.
So here we go…

Last evening it was raining cats and dogs when I started for home, I knew I had to make a mutton dish so I was wishing that the meat shop close to my house to be open. Luckily it was open, but they did not have boneless mutton pieces they had mutton keema.
I bought it and called my dad to tell me some recipe with keema, it was raining so I decided on palak-mutton shorba.
My dad was waiting for my mother in the car when I called him,. he was getting back home his regular physician check ups

“Papa….!!!! keema… finally i found something of mutton”
“Achha… its bakra only ???”
“yeah..pure bakra”
“Take some onion, garlic and roast it in a pressure cooker”
“Just like that”
“of course not, cut them into small pieces and fry them in oil”
“when it’s all brown… put some tomatoes…one tomato..since only you are going to have it”

“cool…what else, now it’s all brown”
“aree… you did not put masala?”
“Papa… you never tell me about this masala”
“Beta… you have to make gravy… you know what is gravy?”
“of course i know, now tell me masala?”
“haldi, mirch, dhaniya”

somehow his masala means haldi, dhaniya and mirch and sometimes it contains garam masala and zeera and green coriander or green chilli… it could mean anything

“put mutton in it and roast it…roast it…roast it…for a while
“okay..how do i know that i am done?”
“by smell”
“really…ohhokkk…that’s so easy naa”
“just don’t let it go black”
” then?”
“now put palak”
“just like that”
“yeah…just  twist it in few pieces and throw it in gravy and add some ginger and garlic paste”
“add 4-5 cups of water and put the lid of pressure cooker”
“Then what? in 6 whistles it’s ready”

It was really yummy in the rainy weather… I added some butter to make it yummier.


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