2.Thichvani (थिच्वाणी)


So this is something nobody else makes. This dish is very specific to Garhwalis.
It’s not something special as this is one of those daily items like yellow daal and rice. But the fact that I will be eating it after many many years, makes it super special for me.

Here we go with my conversation with my dad last night, he had already asked me to get small patatoes.
These small patatoes are not easily available in mumbai but luckily I found a fancy Vegetable wallah across the road of my work place in Bandra, only there you can find evrything organic and fancy and super expensive…Pffff!!!

“Papa !!! I got the patato !!! tell me now what???” I am super excited
“Wash them properly”
“Wash them again and again”
“I know that…”
“We will be using the skin also”
“Now beat it with sil-batta (sil-batta is a big stone slab with a small one to beat the masala etc and make paste, it’s heavy and you can kill some one with it, normally made out of river stones, nicely shaped and rugged)”
“Where will I get sil-batta in mumbai”
“Use chakla-belan”
“Then I started smashing the patatoes…they went all over the kitchen jumping like crickets”
“Smash some onions and tomatos”
“one- one”

When I started with onions I realize patatoes were much better and tomato, I just used grinder.

“Now put some oil and let it heat afterwards put jeera (cumin seeds) in it. Jeera tastes very good with potato.”
“Should I put some mustard seed?”
“No, but do you have jakhya (a special kind of seed which looks like mustard)”
“Nooooooooooo….where will i get jakhya here?”
“That tastes even better :)”
“Now put smashed potato, onion and tomato altogether and roast it…roast it…roast it…roast it…”

“Ok then?”
“Is it pink now?”
“Yeah and if I don’t stop roasting, it will be brown and then black…!!!”
“Okay… no problen, now put masala”
“yeah...haldi, mirch dhaniya...”
“papa, you have to be specific”
“Now what is big deal in masala? Now put salt. Okay tell me, what you are going to eat with it?”
“I donno”
“May be rice, I can’t make roti right now”
“So for rice put a little more salt and more water afterwards, make it watery like curry and if you want to eat roti then make it less salty and thick”
“okay, I like the soupy one and making rice is much more simpler”
“great, now I am tired, go to sleep”
“Let me finish cooking and eating atleat”
“Ok ok bye”
“goodnight 🙂 popsy…”
“Bye bye”