4. Baigan ku Bharta (बैंगन कु भरता )

I had one eggplant/brinjal at home. I remember having bharta cooked in chulha, that taste of coal infused with the soft eggplant is irrestable. We did not have Chulha at home so Papa used to give it the hotel guy close to our house. When it was nicely roasted he would get it home and prepare with all his love.

I called Papa to ask for the recipe.
“I have baigan (eggplant) with me, tell me what to do”

” Take some garlic and remove it’s skin”

” some???”

” four- five each baigan”

” now ?”

“oil the baigna with mustard oil and put them on the gas stove till they turn black”

” Black???”

“yeah… and keep rotating it … otherwise they will not cook properly”

” okay… after that?”

” remove the black skin and smash it to pulp, meanwhile keep ready
some fine-cut onions and tomatoes with green chillies”

” okay and after that?”

” Baigan is ready???”

” no but… you tell me what is next?’

” now, heat some ghee and throw few cumin seeds
when it’s warm enough and immediately after that onions.”

” Then?”

“Let the onian be pink.’

” After that… I want to know everything right now… ”

” Then put fine chopped tomato and ginger paste after
that put little masala and let it cook for a while”

He again never told me what all will go in this masala but since i had this one before i knew coriander, powder with haldi should be enough.

” It’s ready should i put mashed baingan now?”

” yes and green chillies fine-cut… now don’t cook it fo long…
just mix it well together and have it with fresh green coriander.”

” papa!!! I hate green coriander..”

” Okay so just put it on the side of plate to serve and squeeze some lemon.”


I had this with some garlic bread. Yumm!!!