5. Makhane ki kheer


Makahana (water lily seed)  is a very good for health. In my home, we use it in various foods.
It’s expensive so can not be used on daily basis. We make kheer with it on weddings, Mundan, Naamkaran, and many other auspicious events.

-“Papa, I want to eat kheer… Tell me how to make makhane ki kheer.”

-” very Simple….”
-“How many people are eating?”

-“Just me… two times…”

-“Thik hai… take half a bowl (small) rice and one bowl makhana.”


-” Keep the rice for soaking and by the time fry makhana with one big spoon of ghee.”

” cool… after that?”

-” have you fried makhana???

-“of course ..
-I know kheer should be white 😛 ”

-” don’t burn them…okay…
-now take half a litre of milk


-“Now pour some milk with all the rice and cook it… and slowly slowly keep pouring the milk
till the time rice gets thick, keep stirring the rice and add more milk when it dries… in between you can cover it and come back in few minutes to stir it again.
-cook on a slow flame…”

-” daah… it’s soooo much time consuming”

-” you only want to eat kheer naa… ab kha”

-” When do I add Makhana?”

-“Now only… add”

-“Ohhhkay !!!”

-” Now cook it.. till makhana gets soft”


-“Now … remove it  from flame and add sugar while you put it on ground.”

-“How much?”

-“Andaz se
(Roughly … as you want)”-

It’s yummy…
Thanks Papa…

-“Has to be…”


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