Omelette for Homesick People

This is not a recipe from my Dad. But I remember him making Omelette once in a while. Very simple add tomato, onion, chillies and eggs, beat it, and just pour the thing into a frying pan. However, I had to try something different as I bought some Palak(spinach) and 2 days later realised that I must do something with it before it gets spoilt. So I experimented with Palak Omelette. I added everything as my dad’s omelette and included some garlic and spinach. I started beating it, and I realise that spinach is leaving water, so my preparation became really watery. I was sure that this is not going to be a good breakfast but still since I have bought that spinach from my hard-earned money, I had to eat this. I poured the thing into a pan, with some olive oil (I am trying to be healthy), the thing made a sizing noise when water met the oil, i waited for water to evaporate, I took a long time but finally it did vanished. I was still not sure whether this thing is edible or not so I added a slice of cheese to make it look good at least. But for my surprise this thing was really delicious, soft and creamy. I had it with fresh Chapati (indian home-made bread) Did you notice the mountain? 🙂 Spinach-garlic-cheese Omelette


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