Adarak ki chai (Ginger tea)


Recently I have turned into a metropolitan and started drinking green tea and flavored tea and god knows what all.
But when the rain comes, it washes off everything even your habits and reveals the real-self.
So here I am a real mountain girl, dying to have a cup of Adarak ki chai (super strong, milky ginger tea)

My dad is a tea addict, he can not drink it so much now but still that perfect cup of tea, which I crave of, comes from his recipe only. I remember those cold, foggy morning, when I was still a school going child, Dad will wake me and my siblings as early as 5, o clock to study with a hot cup of ginger tea with some tulsi. The sleep would run off like anything.

All you have to do is take half a cup of milk and half a cup of water, boil it together and add smashed 1/4th inch of ginger. Then boil it for a while and add half a teaspoon tea leaves, let it boil for 6-7 minutes and add sugar, one more boil, yes, the trick it to boil untill it becomes a potion.

Now the tea is ready, have it with last night’s leftover chapati. It’s divine.