Gazar-Halwa for cloudy days

Gazar halwa is one of my favorite sweet dishes.
We all love it during winters, but I thought of making it in rains with a little healthy touch.

gajar ka halwa


First of all grate the carrot, how much ever you want or until you get tired of grating. Yes, it is a tiring process but one can build one’s biceps while doing this.




Next add 1 big spoon full of ghee and add the grated Carrot, roast it until you get a nice fragrance. Now add some milk and roast it until the milk is disappeared, now more milk and follow the earlier process.


Once you have used 1/2 lt. of milk, stop right there and just roast it with good amount of jaggery. Jaggery will give it a nice flavour and little colour also.


Now keep it to cool down for few hours and eat with hot green tea or after the dinner 🙂

I kept it simple and did not add any dry fruits or khoya.
That I will use in the winter special.