Myths and Local Practices

This blog is going to be a compilation of veg and non veg cuisines Garhwal.
Though blog is about Bhashkar B’s cooking, still it will offer recipes and trivia from other sources.

Garhwal as a region has not been interested in food, it’s happy with Himalaya, rivers, greenery and temples.
We garhwalis grow up eating delicacies of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and of course China & Nepal. (Chawmin is over state food and momo is our capital food).
Still I can not ignore the fact that there are many amazing recipes which I use to savour as a kid.
There are few crops which only grow in this area of the country and that’s what make them special.

Surprisingly, being in mountains does not make you non vegetarian. There are soooooo many pulse, grains and vegetables  which keeps you warm in the snow pouring winters. Cow ghee is another basic ingredients for all the cuisines.

Myths and Local Practices

Kadi- Pakodi

  • It is considered that the kadi without any fried things; such as Pakodies is  not auspices. It’s made  for the death ceremony.

Kaddu- Buddu

  • Pumpkin/ kaddu is considered equal to nothing.
    If you say, ” I have a car” and you do not have one so other person will tell you, “Kaddu” 🙂

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